Shop online for plants, gifts, and supply! We’ve got a wide selection of indoor and outdoor plants, pots and planters, and other garden supply readily available to meet your every gardening need.


Bring the health benefits of nature into your indoor residential or commercial spaces with CDO’s first fully managed interior plant rental and maintenance service. Our rental contracts are tailored to your budget and preferred rental term.


Looking for something new to make your events special? ‘Hire’ live plants and trees or any related greenery for your indoor & outdoor events, films and photoshoots. We can enhance your special event with various feature plants to the setting.


Wide Variety

The URBN JUNGL brings a wide selection of indoor and outdoor plants within reach. Whether you’re a beginner or collector, we have something in store for you!


Did you know that JUNGL is home to “UNICORNS”? We have unique and rare finds right in our backdoor. If it’s not in there, we have ‘HUNTERS’ to search the landscape to find you what you need.

Service with a SMILE

We’re a fun plant bunch and https://jobitel.com/ we’re here to help! You can talk to us in our pop-up shops or https://es.medadvice.net/ the web – thru email, facebook or instagram. We’ve got your back in creating your very own URBN JUNGL.


Each choice of plant and product are carefully selected by the owners themselves. We pride ourselves in procuring nothing but the best for our customers.

Home Grown

UR- JUNGL plants are processed, grown or cared for right in the city of golden friendship! Our Pop-up Shops are also centrally located within the city (watch-out for announcements), or you can drop by our JUNGL home in the BUKD not far from the city.

Featured Plants


Scientific Name: Dracaena

Family: Asparagaceae

‘Anita’ is an elegant form of Dracaena with narrow, gracefully arching leaf-blades and a narrow, tree-like form. Great for filling space and making rooms with minimal furniture look complete.

Light: Thrives in filtered indoor light (such as through a sheer curtain in front of a sunny window) or a semi-shade spot is an ideal location. Never place a …

Calathea Cigar

Scientific Name: Calathea lutea (Aubl.) E.Mey. ex Schult.

Family: Marantaceae

Calathea lutea is one of the taller species of the genus Calathea. It makes a fantastic feature plant with its enormous white paddle shaped leaves. 

Light: Prefers Semi-Shade to Full Shade.

Water: Needs lots of Water and Occasional Misting.

Care: Requires tropical or warm subtropical conditions to grow well.

Sizes: Medium, Large

URBN JUNGL is a green initiative enterprise that aims to bring local garden lifestyle into the homes of every family in Mindanao and the whole country.